Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book: Winning the Peace

I've become interested in learning more about the liberal international order that was established after World War 2. I'd like to find a book that studies the institution building of that era but so far I have not been able to find one. If you have some recommendations please drop them in the comments. This week I picked up another book on the Marshall Plan:

Winning the Peace: The Marshall Plan and America's Coming of Age as a Superpower

Understanding that era will help us get the proper perspective on the kind of grand institution building that will be necessary as the global order continues to change in the 21st century.


ubiwar said...

I haven't read him but Charles Kupchan might be a good place to start. I saw him speak on this topic last week (, and he provided a potted history of the period in which you're interested. I imagine some of his articles or books will help you out.

phil said...

Thanks for the link, I'll check him out.