Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well, I've been pretty busy the past 6 weeks or so helping the school I attended last winter open a new branch. While it has been only temporary work it has offered the opportunity to get some quality time with an HD digital video camera and learn more about Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Audition, Motion. I really love working with these programs and equipment. It's been exciting the past few years as I've discovered a passion for audio and video production that did not exist before.

But while I have been enjoying learning and exploring a new-found passion, I've been increasingly enraged and depressed by the actions of our political class, regardless of party. Is it going too far to conclude that our political class is a greater threat to America than Al Qaeda? Yeah, but it's hard to see how whatever good they do outweighs the bad. I guess the only consolation is that as I read more political history I realize that this is not a unique problem of our time and that the US has done pretty well for itself despite our politicians. Nevertheless I'm completely disconnected from this presidential election. I'm still waiting to receive my voter registration card even though I registered to vote in August. Not that it will matter who I vote for since my state, Maryland, will be won overwhelmingly by Obama, regardless of whether I vote for him or McCain.

I'll have some more posts up throughout today as I try to get caught up.

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