Thursday, August 7, 2008

"If you lose the culture, you lose the world"

Andrew Klavan gets it. Although I would replace "conservative" with something more general and inclusive because there are a lot of people like myself who are pro-liberty, pro-victory, and pro-American who are not conservatives. What Klavan is saying here holds true for all of us:

According to [Andrew] Klavan, the way to fix this imbalance is to do what conservatives have always done — invest in an infrastructure promoting their views from outside the mainstream. “[Conservatives] understand getting people in Congress and taking the White House and all this stuff. But if you lose the culture, you lose the world. We have lost the culture and, for 40 years, this one ideology has been pumping this poison into the American mind,” he says. “What we need is the same kind of think-tank structure that took back some of the nonfiction areas. We need the same kinds of things in the fiction areas, in the arts.”

Further, now is the time for conservatives to strike, Klavan says. Technology and the Internet have made breaking Hollywood’s grip on producing and distributing films a real possibility. “There is a revolution going on in Hollywood and it’s a revolution of the means of distribution. It is getting to a point where you can go to Radio Shack and buy a camera and shoot a film and put it online and have it downloaded onto a 70-inch TV, where conventional movie theaters are going to become less and less important. You’re going to be able to start to tell really good stories and make really good movies that don’t require the structure that’s in place right now.”


Palimpsester said...

This movement toward open source media production is huge. Handheld HD video cameras can be had for around $2,000. The amount of video being uploaded to youtube is mind-boggling when compared to how much is produced by television and movie companies. A huge opportunity indeed, but not one that will yield to ideology so much as to good visual story telling.

Have you had a chance to look at the "Life in the Post Political Age" article? If you can get past the Obama/Clinton stuff, the author of that article makes an interesting observation of how the left's cultural agenda has been advanced and the right's economic agenda has been advanced in our culture. So each camp is winning, and it explains why the media is under attack from both sides: "corporate mainstream media" vs. "liberal media"; everybody is being gored by the media ox. But everyone is winning, too. Again, this period of time is a golden opportunity for people to get their ideas out into the information marketplace. Everyone has a chance to go around the media's back, so to speak--like we're doing in blogs!

Mark Moore

phil said...

Hi Mark,

That's an interesting article thanks for passing it along. Brink Lindsey makes a related argument in his book The Age of Abundance: How Prosperity Transformed America's Politics and Culture. He says that we have become more socially liberal via the advocacy of the left and more economically liberal via the advocacy of the right and thus the center of American politics has become more libertarian. He has presented his argument in a shorter form here: The Libertarian Center.