Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grand Strategy: A Canadian Perspective

After reading the various papers on grand strategy that I have linked to recently I wanted to get a different perspective and started googling around and came across three lectures by David Pratt on the theme "Is there a grand strategy in Canadian foreign policy?" The lectures are excellent reading:

"In order to provide some structure to these three lectures, I have divided them up
into three segments; three nights, three segments – so far so good. Tonight’s portion
deals generally with the subject of strategy and grand strategy. I will seek to provide
some definitions, some background and some historical examples of strategy and grand
strategy from antiquity to modern times. Tomorrow evening, I propose to address some
of the theoretical and historical aspects of Canadian grand strategy and will focus in on
one particular period which I believe is rather pivotal. In the third and final lecture, I will
offer up some thoughts on whether Canada currently has a grand strategy and the
nature of the strategic environment we might expect in the years ahead."

Lecture 1: Strategy and Grand Strategy

Lecture 2: Historical and Theoretical Considerations

Lecture 3: Canadian Grand Strategy--Is there One?

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