Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a nice day, yeah right

I'm watching Bon Jovi on Donny Deutsch's "The Big Idea" and he's talking about his song "Have a Nice Day" and he says that Americans just listen to the chorus but it's the Europeans who listen to the lyrics and they really get the ironic message of the song. And so I looked up the lyrics and it turns out to be yet another left-wing propaganda product. I've never been a Bon Jovi fan, but it is a shame that you can't just enjoy a song anymore. Is it really necessary to push politics into every aspect of our lives?

My daddy lived the lie, it's just the price that he paid.
Sacrificed his life, just slavin' away.
Take a look around you; nothing's what it seems
We're living in the broken home of hopes and dreams,
Let me be the first to shake a helping hand.
Anybody brave enough to take a stand,
I've knocked on every door, on every dead end street,
Looking for forgiveness,
what's left to believe?

Not very spectacular but on TV he spoke as if there were some deeper social-political meaning to all this. That "Have a Nice Day" doesn't mean what it says, but rather the opposite. That this offers some darker vision of society and the chorus is deception. Why can't the arts just exist to explore the vast untapped realm of aesthetic possibility? Why do too many artists believe that their work must serve some political purpose? We need to rediscover aesthetics as a separate field of endeavor from politics.

It's all lies, nothing's what it seems, it's all a sham, there's nothing left to believe--whatever.

Deutsch asks him what he regrets and he says nothing everything worked out fine. So here's a guy who has been phenomenally successful and has no regrets and yet he doesn't write a song expressing his joy of life and his appreciation of a society that offered him the opportunity for great achievements and happiness. What a clown.

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Jay@Soob said...

Ah yes. The old "American's lack their intellectually superior European cousins sophistication" by line. Only we "arteest's" are on the same lofty mental plane. This from a guy who built his career on cheesy rock ballads.

No doubt he's right, we are after all, a political, cultural and technological backwater...