Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shouldn't politicians be experts in politics?

Another example of the Bush administration's complete cluelessness about politics and the war of ideas. You must plan and wage a campaign to support your policies. Now as we are negotiating with the Iraqi government over the terms of our future relationship, the Bush admin. apparently didn't see fit to wage a campaign to inform the Iraqi people and cultivate their support. This is also part of the war of ideas:

And finally, everyone in Iraq -- other than Nouri Al Maliki and Abdul Aziz Al Hakim -- opposes the security agreement. It makes perfect sense to reject it because it is seen as an extention of an occupation, and nobody would want to be occupied for any length of time. It would be helpful if the security agreement between the U.S. and Iraq would be explained better to the Iraqi people. Because at this moment, it is terribly unpopular.

From IraqPundit

I personally don’t have a full text of the agreement’s draft but I’ve always been a proponent of establishing a strategic alliance with the U.S. For our government, I hope that accepting or rejecting it would be based on its impact on Iraq’s interests.

Will Iraqis accept the agreement? No one can tell at this point, and this is the difference between democracies and non-democracies. Had the question been posed in Iran or Syria, it would take one man’s word to offer an answer. I am pleased to see that our government is dealing pragmatically with the issue and is seeking the opinion of countries that have experience with long-term U.S. military presence. The government sent delegations to Germany, Japan, and South Korea to listen to what they, not the mullahs, have to say about it.

If not for the lack of information about this agreement, the clergy in Najaf wouldn’t have considered calling for a referendum on it. The ignorance of the public as to the content of the agreement makes it easy for a cleric to manipulate the outcome of such a referendum and still make it look as if it was the people who made the decision. All he needs to do is issue a fatwa that tells the simple, faithful citizen that his or her vote today could make the difference between hell and heaven. Such a disgusting exploitation of the trust of people who are just beginning to learn the alphabet of knowledge!

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