Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good stuff

A great discussion on military theory is going on over at tdaxp. An excellent example of Think Tank 2.0 in action.

In another post Dan suggests that it is time to jettison "generation" in the XGW terminology and I couldn't agree more:

The clean break of XGW from GMW has is amazing. Not only does it represent the greatest advance since the first descriptions of 5GW, it’s simply liberating to no longer carry the water for thsoe more interested in Idealism than in advancing our understanding of war.
Just as the abandonment of GMW (The Generations of Modern War) is a critical step in the evolution of XGW theory, the abandonment of “Generation” is the next step. Consider the many criticisms of “4GW” available on the web. Previously, proponents of XGW had to argue against these criticism, and assert that the critics did not really understand 4GW. Now, proponents can agree with the criticism, generalize them to criticism of GMW, and present XGW as an alternative.

One of the reasons that I stopped thinking in GW terms is that the "generation" concept never really resonated with me and where I wanted to go with my thinking. But it also seemed to me to be more of an obstacle to understanding than a help. The 5GW crew are doing some excellent thinking and I believe that devising terms that more accurately reflect their insights and where their explorations are leading will be a boon to the whole enterprise.

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