Friday, May 30, 2008

"The Citizen Generated Campaign"

Over the past few years as I have advocated for a Strategic Citizen approach to the war of ideas I have been told again and again that it'll never work. And my response was that it already was working just not in this capacity. I was surprised at how many people seem to have a mental block when it comes to strategic communication, they automatically reject the notion of a decentralized, citizen-directed campaign and apparently believe that only government can act. But in political activism, decentralized, citizen-directed campaigns flourish as people champion their ideas, candidates and causes. Here is an excellent example of a citizen-directed information operation. This kind of thing can be done to counter anti-Americanism, oppose Islamist extremism, promote our ideals, support various policies etc.

YouBama-The Citizen Generated Campaign

The goal of YouBama is to democratize the election campaign process. All content is generated by citizens and voted on by citizens.

Think about it as the unofficial presidential campaign for Barack Obama. Voters can say what they want, how they want. Then they vote on the videos so the best ones rise to the top.

This site was created by two Stanford University students. We have no connection to the official Obama campaign. We have no sponsors or group affiliations. The site was built using open source software.

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