Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Promoting Freedom through Film"

I argued in a recent post that we need pro-liberty production companies and as chance would have it I just discovered one: the Moving Picture Institute, founded by Thor Halvorssen who is also one of the founders of the excellent Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

[The Moving Picture Institute] “focuses on movies that will make a difference in the struggle for American values. We are unlike any other foundation promoting the principles of American freedom. We exist to nurture the development of filmmakers through a major internship program to provide crucial support for filmmakers through production grants, whether it’s for a feature film, a narrative documentary, or a short film.”

MPI, he continues, “eschews the labels ‘conservative,’ ‘liberal,’ or ‘libertarian.’ That allows so many people who might have disagreements over this or that particular issue to all come under the same umbrella.”

But there’s no question about the organization’s purpose: “We view the film industry as unconcerned with exploring the idea of liberty or developing a distinctive and nuanced portrayal of deep-seated American values like freedom of speech, freedom of association, and, especially, the free enterprise system.”

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