Thursday, September 27, 2007

We Need Pro-Liberty Production Companies

Why are we surrendering the single most effective propaganda medium to the left?

A group of Hollywood executives have teamed with a veteran Washington Democratic hand to create a political production company with an eye toward playing a major role in the 2008 election.
The goal of the company, which was created last year but whose existence has not previously been reported, is to use the creative minds of Hollywood to create content — Web and television — designed to move a political or policy message.

The dominance of the left's ideology is the direct result of persistent advocacy (it certainly is not because their ideas actually work, because they don't). For whatever reason, many on the left feel a deep and powerful need to take action to disseminate and implement their ideas. In comparison, conservatives, libertarians and classical liberals in general don't seem to feel the same need to take action to disseminate our ideas. Pro-liberty, pro-Americans are are much too passive. We've done a good job of pioneering think tanks, but that is not enough. If we want to defeat the left's ideology, then we have to find the same passion for our ideas that they have for theirs and we have to be as creative and persistent in our advocacy as they are.

Hollywood has declared war on America. In the coming fall season we will suffer through no less than six strident very high profile anti-American films designed with the precision of a smart bomb to undercut the American people’s will to fight this war. This is the only way the terrorists know they can win. This is the only way Hollywood knows America can lose. And so they have joined forces.
Knowing what films are coming in the next weeks and that there are well-positioned conservatives in the film industry with the power to fight back who haven’t is truly maddening. I keep waiting for a brave man or woman to stand tall and announce a film that will portray our troops and mission in Iraq as worthy. I keep waiting for a true counter-culture hero to rise from the Hollywood Hills and proclaim their forthcoming hundred million dollar balls-to-the-walls action film about America kicking al-Queda butt.

I keep waiting…
I keep waiting for one of the tens-of-thousands of conservative announce they’re ready to drop $50 million into a pro-war/pro-American film should someone only bring them a great script and director.

We bitch about Hollywood liberals but conservatives are just as guilty; maybe even more. As twisted and immoral as most liberal beliefs are at least they fight for their beliefs. Conservatives on the other hand, refuse. I’ve been reluctant to say this up to now because I was positive that at some time a principled, grateful, patriotic Hollywood insider would finally grow the guts to say “enough.”
And to those of you not in the film industry but with the money to make a difference I promise you there are smart talented frustrated patriots out here eager to make pro-American/pro-freedom/pro-war films. People with proven track records. People who have made successful films you’ve enjoyed. 

Fighting to change the culture in Hollywood by hoping the people in power can be shamed or brought to see the light is an exercise in futility. Those people will never change, which means their product will never change. Which means the most effective propaganda tool ever devised will remain firmly in leftist hands until it’s taken from them. That requires insiders with guts and outsiders with a vision.

The time for the Fox News of Hollywood is now. We’re at war. Where are you people?


Cannoneer No. 4 said...

They're living their lives and minding their own business. Most conservatives are not driven to inflict their ideology on others. External validation of their beliefs is not as big a deal with them.

Individualists can't match collectivists in activism, and not many want to.

Somebody will have to target sympathetic wealthy benefactors with a convincing sales pitch. That's the capitalist way.

phil said...

Hey C,
You are right about the "living their lives and minding their own business" part. That certainly describes me up until a year or two before 9/11. Activism is not my natural inclination. There are so many other things that I think are a more rewarding use of my time. However, our free and prosperous society is a rare and precious thing. It is the exception not the rule in human experience. Its defense requires advocacy. We don't have a choice. As you say: the most important battlefield is between the ears of the American public. Winning that battle requires activism. And so we must overcome our inclinations against it and do what needs to be done.

"Individualists can't match collectivists in activism..."

This is where we disagree. The members of the founding generation were pretty good at activism: Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence, and a rich polemical literature that includes some of our most valued documents (e.g. Federalist Papers, Common Sense, Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer). So the precedent is there. Would America be independent today if it wasn't for their activism? There is a famous quote from John Adams that I have used before about how the revolution took place in the minds of the people before the war and that was done through activism.

Now I'm not talking about candidate activism that is trapped in the narrow confines of the electoral cycle. That tends to be very short sighted. I'm talking about the ideas and narratives and attitudes that sustain our society at a fundamental level. Usually issue activism is a better medium.

Cannoneer No. 4 said...

The Motion Picture As A Weapon Of Psychological Warfare

Colin said...


I agree with you that a very active, very passionate sub-set of colonial society during the revolutionary period did, in fact, have an out-sized impact on the colonial psyche in regards to independence, but we also must remember that during that period, the entire patriotic cause was a minority endeavor. As a percentage of the population, the patriots were outnumbered by tories and those ambivalent to the cause.

In a way, this is a message of hope, as the tools of popular culture remain in the hands of those who care more about ending wars than winning them. A determined and dedicated minority can, indeed, push a nation to do what is necessary. As long as the apathetic remain as numerous as those who stand strongly against our efforts, we can succeed.

phil said...

C#4, great link, thanks. It's funny (and frustrating) how some things don't change. From the section on "Weaknesses":

"Absence of over-all formulation of motion picture psychological warfare strategy for various areas: in terms of local preferences, motion picture production and export policies of other nations, and United States psychological warfare objectives.

"Lack of coordination of motion picture production, distribution, and exhibition, with over-all psychological warfare strategy, both at home and abroad..."

You are right, dedicated minorities can have a significant impact. After all the Renaissance was not a mass movement, but the consequence of the effort of a relatively small number of artists, architects, scholars, scientists, poets and financiers. Small groups can have a big impact. The biggest obstacle is that too many people don't realize that they can take action and be able to influence events.