Friday, August 17, 2007

Researcher Job

This looks like an interesting gig for anyone in the DC area:

DC author seeks P/T researcher to help finish a narrative nonfiction book about the U.S. military in Iraq.

This job will entail about 20 hours of work per week, although hours will likely increase in the later months of 2007, when the publisher's deadline gets closer. This could be perfect for a graduate student or possibly a mature undergraduate in DC who is interested in writing his or her own book, and who wants to learn (at least one way) how it’s done. However, all interested applicants are encouraged to apply.

Requirements/Duties will include:
* Transcribing interviews.

* Administrative duties.

* Editing and proofreading drafts of the book.

* Original research (via internet, Lexis, etc)

* Writing summaries and reports on books and articles.

* Possibly writing some first drafts of sections of the book.

The ideal candidate will be an organized person who is an experienced researcher and a talented writer. I will try to make this an enjoyable, fulfilling job for you, but I need someone who understands that a lot of the behind-the-scenes effort on a project like this is decidedly unglamorous, even dull (transcribing interviews, fact-checking, organizing files, etc). 

Flexible hours, competitive hourly pay, and/or a combination of pay and college credit if you are a student and your university will allow it. This could be a great experience for the right person. 

Previous experience or interest in the military or foreign policy might be beneficial but is not absolutely necessary. A great attitude and absolute trustworthiness, however, are required. 

Local (DC area) applicants only, please.

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