Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quote of the Day

The Bush Administration has a can't-do attitude when it comes to fighting ideological warfare. It seems to want to, but it won't. It's manifest at every level of government - from the White House to the lowliest contractor in the field. Policymakers seem to default to the feckless public diplomacy shop at the State Department. The Pentagon won't let its information operations people say anything much about Islam, and its public affairs officers keep illegally invoking a Cold War law that applies only to the State Department, as if to ensure that we don't fight the propaganda war we need to be waging.

A few key people like General David Petraeus get it, as do some folks at the Pentagon who are truly trying to get things done. And maybe one member of the US Senate. And that's really about it.

Michael Waller at PoliticalWarfare.org

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