Thursday, August 23, 2007

African Entrepreneurs Shrinking the Gap

Here's the trailer for what looks like a very interesting documentary on entrepreneurs in Africa: Africa Open For Business:

Ten stories, one continent, a global world.
Get ready to see Africa as you’ve never seen it before. Imagine an Africa with entrepreneurial spirit that is striving to take care of itself and finding African solutions to African problems.  That’s what you will see in this groundbreaking one-hour documentary by award-winning producer Carol Pineau.
Africa Open for Business offers a tour of the continent, profiling ten companies throughout Africa. Some operate in countries with good governance. One operates in a country with no government! What they have in common is hard work and good business sense. Taken together, they are inspiring stories of human force of will.
This is the Africa you don't see on the nightly news. They are the real stories on the ground – the successes, the struggles, the challenges, and the solutions. Together, they are building Africa one business at a time.

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