Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Diet Vodka?

Civilization keeps advancing:

The diet vodka includes a herbal ingredient, Garcinia, and is priced at an 8-10% premium to the original Romanov vodka. It all began three years back when the UB-owned Vitthal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation filed for patent of the Garcinia herb, an extract from the kokum fruit, known to increase body metabolism and help burn body fat, thereby helping in weight control.

After bagging the patent, Garcinia-enriched vodka became the buzzword at USL last year. All this, since vodka is considered a youth drink, a segment drained by increasing stress levels and health fetish.

"An increasing number of youngsters are looking for healthier alternatives that fit into their lifestyle," adds Mr Shyam. While McDowell's No. 1 diet whisky has stabilised at 8% of its mother brand's volume of 9.5 million cases sold last year, USL expects diet vodka to cover at least 10% of Romanov's total sales within just a year of operation.

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